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Carmel has helped me tremendously throughout my resume prep, job hunt, and final career decisions. She took the time to get to know me and my goals. We talked about what I am currently looking for and what I want to do in the future. Carmel is a great impartial resource that helped me look at all angles of a recent job opportunity. For anyone that is looking for life/career/job hunting advice, Carmel is the right person!

Cody G

Seeking out career counseling wasn't something that came naturally. I felt that I knew how to write a resume, I knew how to perform in an interview and I had been complimented on my ability to communicate. There was one problem though, each day I found myself facing the thought that something was missing. I was finding great success, but I didn't feel fulfilled. I wasn't reaching my full potential and I wasn't being bold. I also realized that for years I had been saying I wanted more and it was time to take the necessary steps. Working with Carmel has not only helped me navigate my way through my career, salary negotiations and expanding my skill set to find continued growth and challenge in my positions, she has helped me change my outlook on what is possible. I’m able to find balance within my creative and logical nature, which allows for incredible outcomes. Finding success is one thing, but being proud of it is another. Thank you Carmel. You are extraordinary.

Cortney S

Carmel helped me immensely in putting together a strong resume. I built a base resume with her guidance, that I was then able to easily shift and manipulate according to specific job requirements. She then helped me to search/identify jobs that I was interested in, and assisted in working the best angles to apply in order to get an interview. During the interview process, Carmel was available for practice sessions and coaching which proved very helpful. We got a new job!

Kristin N

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